Our international focus is based on the following three pillars:

Partnership agreement with adams, harkness & hill
Such agreement benefits our clients in:

Presence and knowledge of international markets, positioning our advisory services at the same level as in the Spanish market.


Human and logistic resources in the main business centres.




And also provides our clients with access to other related corporate banking activities:


Research: Market reports of the industries that we cover.


Private Banking: Contacts at key entities in the same industries, and reinvestment alternatives for our clients.



International background of the professionals of Consejeros Empresariales


In 37% of the 57 transactions in which our team has been actively involved, at least one of the parties was foreigner. Professionals of Consejeros Empresariales have participated in M&A transactions in Europe, Latin America and North America.


We are familiarized with the preparation and use of documentation (mainly Executive Summaries and Information Memorandums, legal contracts...) in English and French, as well as Spanish and Catalan.

Access to the most relevant sources of information of international investment banks

We have access to the most powerful databases:


Market research reports from adams, harkness & hill in the industries that we cover.


Access to research reports from the top international investment banks.


Subscription to most representatives databases and sources of information in our industries.


Ongoing contacts with key members and entities in the markets that we cover.

- International Approach