Coverage of
four industries
We focus in the food, beverage, and other consumer goods, retail and logistics, and TMT sectors. The expertise of AH&H, our international partners also provide effective advise to companies operating in the health and pharmaceutical markets.

We know them
and are known

We are confident we have the expertise and first hand knowledge of these sectors, as opposed to progressively building it with our involvement in a particular transaction.

We know these sectors and, most important, their players know our team and the firm.

Global and

Our advise is the result of the different profiles that combine in Consejeros Empresariales: Business entrepreneurs and managers, and advisors from top international investment banks.

As part of our strategic financial advise, we can identify for our clients the best professionals in other related responsibilities (strategic consulting, legal and tax professionals, auditors, etc.) with whom to effectively collaborate in the processes we are engaged in.

- Positioning