In-depth analysis of our client business situation

Seeking for the best creative, strategic and financial alternative calls for knowing our clients' personal, family-related, business and commercial needs, as well as analysing its domestic and international competitors, suppliers and clients (value-added chain).

Set commonly agreed objectives prior to initiate our mandate

The objectives must be:

1. Interesting from our client's point of view,

2. Reasonable and achievable, and

3. Included in the engagement letter.
Engagements are selected based on the quality of our services
Only mandates in which we can add value from our past experience in a particular sector and similar transaction will be accepted.
On top of this, and given that the following turns to be a criteria for us, our contribution will benefit your company irrespective whether the transaction closes or not.
Dealing with mandates in exclusivity

A thoughtful advice implies considering all possible alternatives that meet your company needs, as opposed to give you arguments for leaning in favour of one specific third party.

Closely monitor the entire process
Personal involvement of the partners throughout the transaction and all its processes.
Ongoing communication also made through a weekly report summarizing all contacts made and the evaluation of the process at every stages of development.
Set up a different negotiation strategy for each potential investor / partner

We prepare custom-made versions of the Executive Summary and Memorandum of Information, one for each investor / partner, and keep record of information provided and conversations maintained with each investor / partner.

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